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  • Momma Lisa's cupcakes

    Momma Lisa's cupcakes

    Cupcakes January 10, 2018 RM 10.00

    Cupcakes $10 a dozen

  • Creamy Leche Flan

    Creamy Leche Flan

    Puddings Davao City, Philippines January 10, 2018 RM 100.00

    Creamy Yummy Leche Flan Home made. Super Smooth po ng texture. Hindi po masyadong matamis. May discount po kung bulk orders. Masarap po. Hindi nakakaumay. Bili na po kayo. Thank you.

  • MoQQido


    Breads Bandar Sunway (Selangor) October 15, 2017 RM 12.00

    Chewy Doughnuts with different flavours

  • Pastillas dessert/sweet snack

    Pastillas dessert/sweet snack

    Uncategorised Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur) July 25, 2017 RM 50.00

    Famous candy in the philippines .. Very light sweet and milky taste . Rich in Calcium

  • Frozen Homemade Mini Pizza

    Frozen Homemade Mini Pizza

    Western Petaling Jaya (Selangor) July 23, 2017 RM 5.00

    Rasai HomeMade Mini pizza adunan roti dibuat sendiri dan yang paling penting sosnya yang sesuai dengan kelazatan semua aneka jenis mini pizza.

  • Tapai pulut

    Tapai pulut

    Kuih muih Kapar (Selangor) July 18, 2017 RM 16.00

    Tempahan tapai pulut homemade untuk sebarang majlis. Berminat, boleh hubungi saya di 0132530037 @ 0162332431. Tqvm

  • "Melt-My-Heart" Homemade cookies

    "Melt-My-Heart" Homemade cookies

    Cookies Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur) July 16, 2017 RM 19.00

    Cookies made with the right blend of imported golden churn butter, organic baking flour and healthy low cholesterol eggs. We strives to produce only the finest piece that melts not only your taste buds but also your heart! Melt in your mouth, not you...

  • Homemade Kimchi

    Homemade Kimchi

    Korean Ampang (Selangor) July 9, 2017 Check with seller

    Freshly hand made every saturday. We've been manufacturing and selling Kimchi for the past 15 years. Everything it's self purchased and and self made.


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